The cookies that started it all...

It was the middle of October (so roughly a month ago) and I was minding my own business looking for something fun to make for Halloween. That is when I happened upon these...

 Courtesy of Sweetopia

And so it began.  Expansive blog reading lead to supply acquisition, which caused a kitchen take-over, and ultimately, my first cookie fail...


Be patient they said.  Charcoal turns to black they said.  False. 

They also said practice makes perfect.  Turns out this one is true.  It also turns out that the original blog I was reading is written by a girl in Arizona...Texas and Arizona have *slightly* different humidity levels (strong sarcasm intended).  So, I ventured off to two blogs written by Texas girls.  Result: recipes from the Woodlands are much more effective in College Station.

So, what have we learned?  Nothing I didn't already know from my line of work...research does not equate to perfection.  But, pretty good for a "first shot" - if I don't say so myself:

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