Bridal Shower + Tarleton Auction Cookies

This was my biggest order to date. Ten dozen cookies and four dozen cupcakes on top of a crazy work week, puppy class Tuesday, a banquet Wednesday, and I don't even remember what else happened. I didn't even have my sous chef, but somehow, I got it done.

Also, have I mentioned lately how much I dislike the bagging and tying process? And after this: 

I'm done. At least with the tying and cutting part. I am buying a bag sealer very, very soon. With a cutter. That means, all I have to do is put the cookies in the bag. Poof. Magic. Bagged, sealed cookies.  Thank you technology.  This does mean however that bagged and sealed cookies will be cheaper than bagged cookies with a ribbon.  Just FYI on that one.


Happy Easter to all my Peeps!

Okay....after my ranting post at midnight last night, I'll admit, they are cuter today than they were then. A little Easter decor probably doesn't hurt either :)

Packed up and headed out to visit the family: 

Happy Easter :)


Easter Peeps

Okay. I have NEVER been so amped about a cookie plan and then been so let down/frustrated/sad with the outcome.  I was SO EXCITED to make these. They were supposed to be cute, pretty, and easy. What happened you ask?! Bad icing consistency, the single most important, yet difficult thing to get right. Being an amateur at this cookie thing, I get the consistency right about 60% of the time. I'll let you do the math on tonight's venture. *sigh* I am so bummed.

Inspiration (Sweet Sugar Belle)

My disappointing result:

It's been a long week and you can't win them all. Maybe tomorrow I can put them in Easter grass and get some pictures that will help their cause. 


Bachelorette Cookies

When I was first told that the order being placed was for a bachelorette party, I cringed a little - I'm not going to lie. When you Google "bachelorette cookies" you get some graphic, highly detailed, not-so-nice things. If you don't believe me, do it, and don't say I didn't warn you. 

Good news though, the accompanying request was for lingerie cookies. Due to life's crazy ways, they aren't exactly what I wanted, but they still turned out pretty stinking cute:

And black bras too, you get the idea. Anywho, this was my first "big" order, and it included cupcakes, that I iced for the first time in my life:

Not too shabby, right?! And LOTS of packaging, we know my feelings on that: 

All-in-all, I loved them, so did my sous chef, and so did the girls who received them. Good stuff :)

Oh yes, and a pupdate:

It's been a busy run, but I just want to say that the weather is good, I planted spring flowers, great things are happening to good people. Life feels good right now :)

Finished Ring Cookies

Here they are, in the requested shape and colors (turquoise and butter yellow). I'll admit, I was nervous about these, but the customer is happy and that is all that matters.

And, a "pupdate"......growing so fast, she really is a sweet little girl. We don't have all the kinks worked out yet but I'm staying optimistic that we will get there. This was Monday: