With the cold front came cookies....

Long time, no cookies. 

I'm going to be honest...I got burned out. I'm finally back to the point that I can look at a cookie without hating it. And boy, I think I really made a winning set to welcome myself back to the game. Not only that, the humidity has been super low with the weather change, which makes decorating SO MUCH easier. Ironically enough, my first request in some time was for Frozen themed cookies. Based on my humble opinion, and votes from my peeps, these may be the best ones yet. I'm pretty proud of these :)

I REALLY love them. I have a second project going, I hope to ice those tomorrow.

They will hopefully look and taste like caramel apples. I got my inspiration from LilaLoa, she is truly hilarious, and talented. You can see them here.

Since its been a while, I thought I would put a puppy photo in here too. She is 10 months old, holding steady at 38.5 pounds, and has effectively chewed through two dog beds since the cold snap....fun times in the terrible two stage.  Here she is, being a good girl, and helping me with the pot roast:

That's is for now, stay warm!

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