PYO Christmas Cookies

You don't know what PYO means? Ha. All the cool kids do. Sorry, that was rude. 

PYO = Paint Your Own

Around Thanksgiving I saw a post from the Bearfoot Baker on PYO Turkey Cookies.  So, like everything else, I decided I could/should do that too. Which turned into, "Hey, wouldn't all of the children in my life love those instead of toys? Yes. Let's make 9 million."

So the research began. I found stencils, and went to town. Between these and the Birthday Deer cookies, I have learned that stencils and I should have become friends a long, long time ago. So easy, and SO CUTE.

The hardest part was mastering the paint palette cookies, which, so we are clear, are made with food coloring so all of these are edible.  I did have a stencil for the "paints" but I just made a bigger mess than necessary. In exchange for plan A, I decided to hand-dab the colors on with tiny little sponges from Michael's.  

I would also like to mention that because I live in a humid climate, color bleed is always a viable concern here. And to be honest, I usually avoid cookies that require any kind of dark on light because they always bleed. Enter, the fan.  I now have a little fan on the table where drying cookies sit, and what do you know, no bleed.  I also painted a couple of these as a test, and they worked pretty well.


Deer Birthday

Do you know what I would really love? The ability to take decent pictures. Here is the thing, this blog is totally my fault, although it wasn't really my idea, it serves as a great place for me to catalog the cookies I have made. You know, for reflection, or sentimental value, or something...I guess.

Anyway, when I was teaching myself how to make cookies, the fabulous bloggers that have taught me everything I know about cookies, have also taught me something else. To have an attractive blog, you need to be a photographer. With lights and plates, and cake stands, and props, and backdrops.....it is exhausting. I mean, I assume it is since it looks awesome and I don't do it, or have any of those things.

What do you all get? Skewed colors, views of my kitchen/dining room, bad lighting, all captured on my trusty iPhone.  Now. Could I build a little lighting unit? Yes. Could I buy a Nikon 40862435XFS, or whatever? Yes. I could also buy backdrops and who knows what else.  I consider it a win when I take pictures of cookies on a white plate when the sun is up. And we are just going to have to stick to that.

Now. Two things have happened, but I can post them separately. First. Travis turned 4. The party themed with all things deer, and I wish I had more photos because Cyndy always has the best props.  But the cookies, while starting their life in a horrible fashion due to an icing color malfunction, ended their life looking pretty good.  The wood grain effect is not as visible as I had hoped, but all things considered, I am pleased (and in love with that shade of blue).


Historical Kurten Church Cookies

This post is way late, and it is totally my fault. Let's be honest. I made time to go to the gym on the regular, which means the late nights of cookies are over. But hey, even though I missed Halloween, and may miss Thanksgiving, I am holding out hope that I get some Christmas cookies in.

Back in August, one of the oldest churches (123 years old to be exact) in the Brazos Valley finally received its historical marker. I was asked to make cookies for the celebration. 


Vet School Graduation

This was an order for cupcakes and cookies....per the usual, my photography skills are subpar, but colors were maroon and white, and the "scrub-green" turned out just like the real thing.


Of course, we need some logo transfers for something like this:

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1st Communion

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Tie Dye Birthday

After essentially taking a break since Christmas, a small, fun order is a good way to start back.

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Christmas Cookies 2014

I know, I know....I am posting this after-the-fact.  A lot has been happening and I keep forgetting to get these up.  I've been telling myself that everyone who is interested has already seen them anyway, and now it's January and still no post.  Nonetheless, I found two amazing cutters on Etsy back in October or November. They were the kind of amazing that I couldn't stop thinking about, so I ordered them.  In my mind they looked like the characters from the old school Rudolph movie...which made it even better.

Exhibit A:

Reindeer with bow

Time-out....in pulling these pictures I found a third cutter, 


It's going to be okay...stay calm. There is always next year, right? Let's all remember that these came from PlasticsinPrint on Etsy so we can track down the girl deer for "next time."

Back to business.

Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:

The Process:

Okay, so I took a few liberties with these.  I didn't like his blue clothes, and I added fawn spots to Rudolph...I couldn't help myself.  So since this isn't truly Hermey the Elf from the movie, I named him Randy instead.  My cookies, my rules.

They were a huge hit and made enough to share widely.  They were gifts to the trainers at the gym (yeah, I know....I asked if cookies were frowned upon - I was assured they would be happily accepted), they were cookies for Santa, Christmas dessert at two other homes, and three ended up in the trash yesterday.  Long ride for these little guys.  There was only one downfall....the little candies did not stick very well.  Meh, live and learn.

I am taking a cookie break until the next holiday or cute idea I see.  Adios until then.