Easter 2016

A late post is better than late cookies, at least that is what I keep telling myself. Do you ever get that feeling in life (at home, at work, or any other aspect) that you are on speeding bus? And the wheels aren't just coming off, two of them have perished in flames, and you are skidding sideways...and the bus just. won't. slow. down. No? No one? 

Well it's spring and work is nuts, travel is ludicrous, I have a new back injury I'm trying to figure out how to manage without going insane, and well, It feels like the runaway bus is on fire. Engulfed. But, spring becomes summer, and we all get our life back, just in time for the pretty weather to also turn to flames....okay that's enough, things are getting depressing.

Happy cookies = happy thoughts. Although these started and ended like our bus, I only took pictures of the ones that turned out right.....maybe if I EVER try the other design again, I'll share. Maybe. The upside is, some good cookies happened despite all things chaos, right?!

I hope your bus is slower than mine, enjoy spring while we have it. 😁

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St. Patrick's Day 2016 ☘

Well. Life has been off of the rails, I don't even know where to start, so I won't. You can just trust me. Anyway, there was a challenge of sorts to find a way to squeeze some cookies in. And since I ordered special stencils for both St. Patty's and Easter, well, I had to make it happen.

Disclosure. I had two stencils I bought and a freebie that came with my order for SPD, I tried two and only one was a success. Maybe user error, maybe not, jury is out.

I also bought scrapbook paper on sale for 14¢ at Michaels in an attempt to look more professional. So here we go:

My normal photo job:

My new and improved photos:

Happy Spring!

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