Farm Animals!

Animals are my life, at home and at work.  So, it is only natural that I go on a hunt for animal themed cookie cutters.  Sadly, livestock-shaped cutters that are both cute and recognizable are hard to come by.  Enter eBay.  After rigorously searching the internet, I found a set of Wilton farm animals cutters, circa 1988 - and I bought them.  This covers the cow, pig, lamb, and foul - but no horse.  I am still working on finding that last one.  Anywho, let the adventure begin.

 I included my set-up because those who know me give me a hard time for being too organized.  I can tell you that this is an activity where organization definitely pays off.  Back to the cookies.  I actually have a picture of the start of the process this time.

And the finished goods:

The cows were the biggest hit by far :)
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