Completed Balloons!

Another day, another cookie entry.  This morning I delivered the completed balloon order for some very special twin girls who are turning 5.  Despite what seems to be a continued cookie learning curve, I do love the way they turned out.  This is a situation where a little packaging really sold me on the look.  And, I have a few pictures of the "monogramming" process.

For those who are really into the decorating of baked goods, you would know what a KopyKake is...for the rest of you, or for the less-professional decorators such as myself, this would be the non-KopyKake method:


Balloons, and Rings, and Lingerie, OH MY!

Great news...three orders!  

Order #1: Birthday cookies for the Mies twins.  Below is a fun little iPhone photo of the colors I prepped for the balloon pops I will be finishing tomorrow.  For your viewing pleasure I have also posted the inspiration photo they sent me from an Etsy shop:

Picture from SunshineBakes on Etsy

Order #2: Bachelorette Party....this order is a doozie.  5 dozen cookies and 4 dozen cupcakes, yes, cupcakes.  Have I done them for orders before? No. Are they hard? No.  Will I do them again in the future? Probably, but cookies are way more fun.  The theme here is "country chic" which I admit, I am not sure what that means but I get to work with purples and lace to recreate something like these little guys I found on Pinterest:

Picture from thecookiemama.blogspot.com

Order #3:  Engagement cookies in the bride's colors of turquoise and yellow.  Rings have been requested, and I am thinking I may do some hearts as well.  Mainly because I am struggling with figuring out how to work turquoise and yellow into rings successfully.  Again, some "Pinspiration" to hold you over:

Picture from BitesBakedGoods on Etsy

And finally, puppy update...Conclusion: she is very sweet and very smart.  However, we are entering the terrible twos and she got in trouble three times today.  For those counting that is way above her average.  Potty training is going fairly well, she goes out at least 10 times per day, but she is making it through the night now which is really nice.  Overall, I would say our success rate is around 90%, and we have had her for roughly 10 days, so that isn't bad in my book.  She is learning her name, and has been on a leash walk twice, she can make it just over one block and she's done, but you have to remember, she is just a baby!


"A Perfect Pair"

My best friend's family has made me an honorary family member over the course of our nearly eight year friendship.  With that said, we are anxiously awaiting the addition of twins to the family.  This weekend was the baby shower for Cyndy and the twins, and the theme was "the perfect pair."  Keri (best friend) and I have been scheming a cookie plan for the shower and began executing that plan Friday night.  

Have a look:





To stay up-to-date with the baby news, you should hop over to Cyndy's blog: fresheggsandlaundry.blogspot.com.