Lumberjack Birthday Party

Sweet Travis is turning three soon, and his mama put on one heck of a party. Keri and I pulled together some cookies to add to the spread.  I got my inspiration from Sweet Sugarbelle (of course), you can see her versions here and here.

The process:

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2014 Christmas Baskets

Better late than never. These are the cookies for this year's departmental Christmas party door prizes.

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Caramel Apple Cookies

I made fall-themed cookies for fun, not for an order. I am a little behind in posting them, but they happened a couple weeks ago. I found inspiration from LilaLoa's caramel apple cookies...

...which led me on a wild goose chase for the correct ingredients. These cookies differed from my usual sugar in that I used green apple Kool-Aid to flavor the cookies and Watkins caramel extract to flavor the icing. Three out of three tasters said the finished cookies tasted just like the real thing, minus the sticky mess of course.  I grabbed some paint chips at Lowe's to use as reference, caramel is a tricky color to recreate, so I wanted some guidance:

Not too far off:

These cookies were hard to love after having just made the Frozen-themed order. But were much more convincing after being packaged:

Tonight I will ice 2014's first set of Christmas cookies...stay tuned.

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