Autumn Inspiration

After my spiderweb extravaganza, I again found inspiration from some of my new blog friends and decided it was time for round two.

Courtesy of Sweet Sugar Belle
Courtesy of Sweet Sugar Belle
Courtesy of Bake at 350

 I have to say I was the most excited about the pumpkins but never made it that far, as I seem to have run into a shelf-life issue.  Being a newbie at this cookie thing, I didn't pay attention to how long they were out to cool, or out again later to dry and I think the butter became rancid in some of the leaves and acorns.  So once it was pumpkin-icing time, the cookies had to be disposed of.  Anywho...I got through the leaves and acorns okay, and even tried making some chocolate cookies this time.  I also tried the Wilton Color Mist spray to make the leaves look a little more realistic.  Warning: allow the cookies to dry fully before applying a new color...you might also use the green sparingly or your leaves will look moldy - yuck.

Confession...these were a little simpler than the spider web cookies, but I am in LOVE with the acorns.  I am putting these in the win column.

 Happy Fall!

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