Dino Birthday

I will say, I am in LOVE with these cutters.  I now have two awesome cutters, and these little guys were a hit at the birthday party they were ordered for:

Happy Monday!

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Hello Summer!

It has been way too long, but the good news is we survived the crazy-busy spring!! And as luck would have it, I made a decision that has already improved my life greatly. I bought a cookie projector!!!! I am SO EXCITED and I feel SO HIGH TECH!! The fact that we mounted it using a poster tube, shish-kabob skewer, and a clamp thanks to inspiration from Sweet Hope Cookies, is SO NOT high-tech, but it worked!! I cannot get over how cool and tiny this little projector is!

I had a request for some Texas A&M/Animal Science themed cookies, so I used my super awesome projector to get them done. I know that I will get better with practice, and I hope to use the projector to pipe actual words at some point, but for now, I think these are a good first attempt.

I took several pictures, but the lighting in this one is the best:

I feel so fancy with my little set-up:

I really love my new toy :)