Comic Superhero Birthday


Christmas 2017: PYO Cookie Gift Boxes

This has become an annual "thing" for all of the tiny humans in my life — and even though they are SO SIMPLE, these are easily my favorite cookies every time. I bought some new stencils this year, AND, instead of the messy paint palettes I usually make myself, now you can BUY them!!! They look so clean and professional.

I am strongly considering selling gift boxes of these for various occasions. But that is an endeavor for another day....in 2018. 

Gift sets:

UPDATE - the new paint palettes work great!

Christmas 2017: the Christmas cactus

The cutter came from Sweet Design Shoppe here.

Full disclosure...I ended up not loving these like I had hoped, and I am already brainstorming ideas to improve them for next time.

Christmas 2017: trees

I sure hope I am not the only one failing to multitask in preparing for Christmas this year. At some point I realized everything was packaged and I had not taken pictures (packaging = glare). As an added bonus, when you don't have a fancy photo set-up, late nights and bad weather mean you cannot get good lighting for pictures.

All of this to say, the trees were some of my favorites this year, and I have a very limited number pictures.



Camping-themed Birthday

Campfires and marshmallows, inspired by Jill FCS.