Disney Characters....finished goods

I am going to be honest....I did not love how these turned out.  Okay, really honest - I didn't even like them.  It is funny how I can see things in my head, but then they just don't translate.  I will say however, that I received word back that the cookies were a hit at the party, and that is the only thing that matters to me.  The first picture would be an example of real photography with a real camera, at the party.  The other pictures were taken in my kitchen, with an iPhone, before the cookies were transported to the party.

Now, per my calculations, I will be out-of-town for four of six weeks, luckily I have one week behind me.  This means that I am gearing up for a baby shower in Austin around a trip to Kansas.  I am also planning for a wedding in Longview around a four day trip to Dallas.  But, I am SO EXCITED for the baby shower cookies, of course I am not going to post my plans for those because mama may see them, but I will post an update after the fact.  Have a good week!

True Character Cookies in the making......

I am not sure how many Disney orders this makes, but I have to be honest, I am really nervous this time.  I will ice them tomorrow night.....I just hope I can pull them off.  Here is a sneak peek:

Pirate Ships!

You can tell by the limited number of posts, and the percentage of which that are pirates, that these little guys have become a big hit.  Nonetheless, I keep posting them (1) to show you guys I am still on the grid (2) to measure my improvement (3) they are just too cute not to.  I will say, I found a pirate ship cookie somewhere on the internet, fell in love, ordered the cutter, and never got to use it, until now!  While I could have gone farther with them, I think they turned out pretty good for a first try!


Air Force Birthday!

It has been way too long so I thought I would get a new picture up.  I was never able to find an inspiration cookie that I just loved, so this little plane is a mish-mash of different ideas.  I do love how they turned out.  I will say I was skeptical about doing flags, I think they are okay, but I have come across really great ideas for getting the patriotic look without doing an actual flag....maybe next time!