Pumpkin Spice Turkeys!

So. I have decided that I love the process of making cookie dough and cutting out the shapes about as much as I love decorating them.  On the other hand, I HATE bagging the cookies.  Do not ask me why, I have no clue.  But I HATE it.  Whew, okay....now that I have that out there - new cookie flavor.  Oh wait, one more confession: all I use to take pictures is my iPhone.  Okay, now maybe my conscience is clear.

Here is the rundown: It's Saturday evening.  No plans on going anywhere else.  Nine times out of ten, I have all of the ingredients I need to make cookies...not this time.  The recipe called for pumpkin spice emulsion...HA.  Who has that on hand?  So I improvise.  I substituted the emulsion for canned pumpkin (pure, not pie filling).  Me being me, 3 tiny scoops didn't seem like enough so I tossed in a little extra for good measure.  The recipe warned that this mixture might be a touch sticky but I feel that was a giant understatement.  After lots of flour and re-rolling I managed a few acorns as a test batch.  And, although they spread to the point that they looked like they had been run over by a car, they were DELICIOUS.  I am not sure you are getting this, these cookies are a life-changer, although a sticky mess.

Plan B...refrigerate overnight = much better.  However, the cookies still spread some.  This means that you not only have to refrigerate overnight, but you have to chill the shapes too.  I know, I know, some people swear by that process anyway, but not me.  People, I don't have that kind of time to wait around...but for these tasty little smackrels I will make the sacrifice.  

So, what have we learned?

1. I HATE bagging cookies
2. Substitute equal parts canned pumpkin for emulsion
3. Dough is STICKY no matter what version of pumpkin you use
4. Refrigerate, Refrigerate

And here we are, pumpkin spice turkeys (two ways):

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