Christmas Cookies 2018 - Paint Your Own (PYO) Gift Kits


Another Aggie Tailgate


Girl's Paint Splatter Birthday!

Bad weather mad for difficult lighting, but these turned out exactly as I hoped. They were fun to make, and I just love them.

Happy 11th Birthday, Ais!!!!


Aggie Tailgate Set


Aggie Ring Day Set


Double Platinum Birthday

Tried a couple new techniques for a special double 75th birthday party!


Bible Study Valentine's Order

The red on these turned out to be one of my all-time favorite colors. But the pictures make them look three different shades (thank you gloomy weather). I need a light box for photos....I need to accept that and get one put together so the weather will no longer impact my photos. 

Anyway, the third photo is most true to the actual color of these guys....but naturally, it isn't a fancy picture by any stretch, my sock is even in the frame — oh well.


Bridal Shower Monogram

Once they made it to their destination:


Butterfly Baby Shower

These are some of my favorites to date. Unfortunately, it has been cloudy all day, and very hard to get good pictures. For that reason, I am giving you pictures with a background, and in the very messy kitchen — with the faint hope you will be able to appreciate how pretty these turned out.

And people....with the recent acquisition of an airbrush, my life is forever changed. The pearl mist MAKES these butterflies.