PYO Christmas Cookies

You don't know what PYO means? Ha. All the cool kids do. Sorry, that was rude. 

PYO = Paint Your Own

Around Thanksgiving I saw a post from the Bearfoot Baker on PYO Turkey Cookies.  So, like everything else, I decided I could/should do that too. Which turned into, "Hey, wouldn't all of the children in my life love those instead of toys? Yes. Let's make 9 million."

So the research began. I found stencils, and went to town. Between these and the Birthday Deer cookies, I have learned that stencils and I should have become friends a long, long time ago. So easy, and SO CUTE.

The hardest part was mastering the paint palette cookies, which, so we are clear, are made with food coloring so all of these are edible.  I did have a stencil for the "paints" but I just made a bigger mess than necessary. In exchange for plan A, I decided to hand-dab the colors on with tiny little sponges from Michael's.  

I would also like to mention that because I live in a humid climate, color bleed is always a viable concern here. And to be honest, I usually avoid cookies that require any kind of dark on light because they always bleed. Enter, the fan.  I now have a little fan on the table where drying cookies sit, and what do you know, no bleed.  I also painted a couple of these as a test, and they worked pretty well.

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