Deer Birthday

Do you know what I would really love? The ability to take decent pictures. Here is the thing, this blog is totally my fault, although it wasn't really my idea, it serves as a great place for me to catalog the cookies I have made. You know, for reflection, or sentimental value, or something...I guess.

Anyway, when I was teaching myself how to make cookies, the fabulous bloggers that have taught me everything I know about cookies, have also taught me something else. To have an attractive blog, you need to be a photographer. With lights and plates, and cake stands, and props, and backdrops.....it is exhausting. I mean, I assume it is since it looks awesome and I don't do it, or have any of those things.

What do you all get? Skewed colors, views of my kitchen/dining room, bad lighting, all captured on my trusty iPhone.  Now. Could I build a little lighting unit? Yes. Could I buy a Nikon 40862435XFS, or whatever? Yes. I could also buy backdrops and who knows what else.  I consider it a win when I take pictures of cookies on a white plate when the sun is up. And we are just going to have to stick to that.

Now. Two things have happened, but I can post them separately. First. Travis turned 4. The party themed with all things deer, and I wish I had more photos because Cyndy always has the best props.  But the cookies, while starting their life in a horrible fashion due to an icing color malfunction, ended their life looking pretty good.  The wood grain effect is not as visible as I had hoped, but all things considered, I am pleased (and in love with that shade of blue).

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