Bridal Shower + Tarleton Auction Cookies

This was my biggest order to date. Ten dozen cookies and four dozen cupcakes on top of a crazy work week, puppy class Tuesday, a banquet Wednesday, and I don't even remember what else happened. I didn't even have my sous chef, but somehow, I got it done.

Also, have I mentioned lately how much I dislike the bagging and tying process? And after this: 

I'm done. At least with the tying and cutting part. I am buying a bag sealer very, very soon. With a cutter. That means, all I have to do is put the cookies in the bag. Poof. Magic. Bagged, sealed cookies.  Thank you technology.  This does mean however that bagged and sealed cookies will be cheaper than bagged cookies with a ribbon.  Just FYI on that one.

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