Bachelorette Cookies

When I was first told that the order being placed was for a bachelorette party, I cringed a little - I'm not going to lie. When you Google "bachelorette cookies" you get some graphic, highly detailed, not-so-nice things. If you don't believe me, do it, and don't say I didn't warn you. 

Good news though, the accompanying request was for lingerie cookies. Due to life's crazy ways, they aren't exactly what I wanted, but they still turned out pretty stinking cute:

And black bras too, you get the idea. Anywho, this was my first "big" order, and it included cupcakes, that I iced for the first time in my life:

Not too shabby, right?! And LOTS of packaging, we know my feelings on that: 

All-in-all, I loved them, so did my sous chef, and so did the girls who received them. Good stuff :)

Oh yes, and a pupdate:

It's been a busy run, but I just want to say that the weather is good, I planted spring flowers, great things are happening to good people. Life feels good right now :)
1 comment on "Bachelorette Cookies"
  1. Girl! You're skills amaze me. They're classy and sassy all at the same time :) xoxo