Gift Baskets!

Okay, so.......I have a confession.  I have been off of work for two weeks doing really great holiday things, spending as much time as I can with the horses, and filling a few orders here and there.  And, well, "update blog" has yet to be crossed off of the list.  So, time permitting, I am about to play catch-up on what should probably be 5 posts.  I plan to employ the "long story short" philosophy for all of these, and go for more of a brief photo journal.  I will also promise here and now, that I will try to do a better job of writing these as I go from now on (with the hope that there will be more orders in the future), so this can serve as both story-telling fun, and a cookie portfolio.

Here we go, catch-up blog numero uno.....On December 17th, we had our annual Department of Animal Science Christmas Luncheon.  My peeps in the accounting office, who have been SOOO supportive of my new hobby asked me if I could make a basket or two for door prizes.  You know what my answer was, so here is what I came up with:

And yes, the pigs are wearing hats, and the lambs are wearing scarves!
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