Disney Cookies

At the Departmental Christmas Luncheon I mentioned in my previous post, our department head's wife introduced me to a friend of hers.  This friend was in search of Disney cookies for her grandkids and asked for Mickey, Minnie, pirates, and Rapunzel for her first order, and at the same time, placed a second order for Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and more mice.  Lucky for me, I remembered a beautiful Cinderella cookie that I chose to use as a general princess template:

Courtesy of Sweetopia
 I actually printed this picture out (in the size I needed), and used it to hand cut all of my princess cookies.  I also did a bit of internet research and even busted out the crayola stash to make sure I had all of the right colors covered.  I am also extremely visual (and love to color) so this was a bit of a process.

I had a Christmas order going at the same time, so you are seeing some of those sketches as well:

Transferred the sketches to each cookie using a food color marker:

Cinderella was easily my favorite.  I had great hopes for Rapunzel, but I wasn't impressed with the finished cookie.  And I just cannot forgive Sleeping Beauty for forcing me to recreate bad bangs and a weird dress.

And the non-princess cookies:

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