Two Birthday Orders

One birthday order for Animal Science professors, and one for a 21st.  All went well except for two things: (1) the black acted funny on the livestock cookies and (2) I tried my best to get "Happy Birthday Kara" onto what WERE beautiful plaque cookies, only to discover that my transfer template method was not working.  I have used this method before with excellent results, but those were characters, not text.  While no solution was found for this order, I have asked John to make me a KopyKake to prevent future order woes.  If he succeeds I will have to name it something cute...KopyFake maybe? Meh. Knowing him, I have 6 months to come up with a name ;)

On to the photos:

The little cuties even made it to Facebook:

Oh!! I almost forgot!  Look at these BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED cookies:

After a little trial and error I came to a very important conclusion.  The heat sealing machine is the best $50 I have ever spent, and greatly improved my attitude towards bagging cookies.

Thank you technology.

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