"A Perfect Pair"

My best friend's family has made me an honorary family member over the course of our nearly eight year friendship.  With that said, we are anxiously awaiting the addition of twins to the family.  This weekend was the baby shower for Cyndy and the twins, and the theme was "the perfect pair."  Keri (best friend) and I have been scheming a cookie plan for the shower and began executing that plan Friday night.  

Have a look:





To stay up-to-date with the baby news, you should hop over to Cyndy's blog: fresheggsandlaundry.blogspot.com.

2 comments on ""A Perfect Pair""
  1. I LOOOOVED them :) thank you so much for all you did - I can't even imagine how much time it takes to put them all together (from brain child, to actual cookie) - they were so perfect. :) xoxo

  2. Not a problem, I was happy to do it :)