My First REAL Order!!!

This is how it begins....I received an email on Tuesday saying that the pirate cookies I made a couple weeks ago (you can see them here) had been seen by a friend of the family.  This friend loved the cookies and asked for my contact information.  After reading the email, I was excited but went about my day not thinking much else about it.  Later that afternoon my phone rang.  It was the daughter of the friend, wanting to order 3 dozen cookies for a baby shower.  I was in the car at the time and tried to collect all of the info I could think of and told her I would call her the next day with the quote.  How fun is this: the baby's gender is unknown, the colors are cream, melon, and turquoise, and since the order was needed on such short notice the shapes were up to me!  This time I got excited and the excitement stuck.  All I have are my trusty iPhone photos, so some of the cookies look a little dark and have a glare, but here they are:

I will deliver them later today, I hope they LOVE them!!
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